From the Rectory November 2015

Life is a Rollercoaster

The past few weeks have been filled with sadness and loss mingled with moments of pride and extraordinary generosity. The murder of Garda Tony Golden in Omeath has sent shock waves around the nation. This ‘gentle giant’, in the course of his duty, was gunned down as he sought to protect and assist. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to all his family and friends and colleagues both here in Bray and in County Louth.

For this tragedy to be so quickly followed by the death of so many in the fire at a halting site in Carrickmines was doubly devastating. Attending the removal of Tara, Willie, Jodie, Kelsey and Jimmy yesterday, as the funeral cortege began its sad and slow journey through Bray, I was struck at how poignantly tragic it was that so many young lives were lost so quickly. As we prepare for the funerals of members of the O’Connor’s family our heartfelt prayers are for all who are devastated by this awful tragedy.

It has been such a horrible year of tragedy that our hearts and minds can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of disasters. We are shaken to our core by the vulnerability of life that can turn from joy-filled excitement to devastating loss in such a swift and deadly way. And yet, as Georgia Murphy taught us over the summer, life is for living in all its vitality and vivid colours. The beginning of November allows us time and space to remember and to grieve; we literally learn to focus on one hour, one day at a time; to look beyond today is too hard and threatens to undo us. We can only get up each morning, breathe in, look at what the day ahead has for us and live it to its full potential.